Family, Friends, and Fall

The real reason that I went to St. Louis took place 11/8-11/10: the LCMS Servant Event Leadership Conference. This was my 3rd year in a row, so thankfully there were some changes so it wasn't ALL a repeat. We did a mini servant event at a local Orphan Grain Train warehouse (ironic because YLM is a frequent recipient of OGT shipments), and LCMS personnel were on hand to lead some of the breakout sessions. As usual however, the Bible study was my favorite part. The writers always do a wonderful job of integrating small and large group discussions, components for different styles of learning, thought-provoking questions, and different methods of praying at the beginning and end of each session. This year's study was called "Live to Serve," and each day was centered around a word of the day and a Bible verse of the day. Note: it was difficult to follow the train of thought sparked by the word of the day when you are using a translation of the Bible that does not include said words! The last night always features a closing worship service with communion, and this year we circled the altar and gave it to each other--I didn't even know you could do that! I also learned that this is the 30th anniversary of LCMS Servant Events!

I love that the conference is held at a conference center right across the Mississippi from St. Louis--for me it is a bonus trip home! I tried to see as many people as I could, and was pretty successful. Here are some photos of me enjoying my family, my friends, and fall!

Fall on Thornberry!

Looking at my Europe pictures and postcards equaled great entertainment for the Mackenzie cousins after the first of 3 dinner get-togethers. Thanks Mom!

One of my roommates from Drury, Carrie, drove up from Springfield to see me! We hung out with another of our roommates, Erica, on Friday night, and then took advantage of a gorgeous Saturday to explore Powder Valley (nature center) and the zoo! Here's one of the trails at Powder Valley.

Somebody (not us!) carved a smiley face on a tree stump!

Maybe they put the heart there too...but if not, then I guess God did ;)

Is the water cold? YES!


Carrie likes to take "senior pictures"--and she does a great job!

Me and my Cajink!

B & W bridge.

Shadows and leaves on the bridge.

It was a great day to go to the zoo because so many of the animals were active...and vocal.

The Okapi and the Red-flanked Duiker that were playing tag.

And the prairie dogs were burrowing so they kept running back and forth with big mouthfulls of sticks and grass, and making funny squeaking noises.

My brother was home from college for the weekend so we took some family pictures. Aren't we adorable?

"Are those my kids?" (This is also our Christmas card picture!)

Why am I the only one not looking at the camera?

More Europe pictures with the Hefeles, family friends of ours from church. Not too long after this picture was taken, we left for Isabelle's (the youngest of 3 Hefele girls) indoor soccer game. Her team won!

Until next time, blessings!


Carrie said…
LOVE the pics E-Mac! Especially your family Christmas card pic. :)
tchrchill said…
What a fun set of pics. And I'm with Carrie -- the Christmas photo is AWESOME!!! Looks like a great week all the way around!