Chapel x 2

I am now done with the 2 chapel services that I was scheduled to do during my STL visit--St. Paul's and Lutheran South. I have done it at St. Paul's twice before, so I am very comfortable with the routine. I always bring a Powerpoint so even if the littlest kids don't understand what I'm talking about, they can look at the pictures. This year it was all about Thanksgiving. I thought it would be beneficial to see other people spending their Thanksgiving break serving others, it's a different way of celebrating than most of them are used to, and my sister (whom most of the students know) was in a bunch of the pictures. You can find most of them here. The Biblical message I weaved in was that of giving thanks at all times, based on 2 Chronicles 31:2. I especially like the version in The Message. I chose that particular verse because a) I feel like I use Psalms and Proverbs too much and it was in 2 Chronicles, and b) Hezekiah was just doing his thing, but he always made sure to set aside time for thanking and praising God amid it all. We also read Psalm 136 responsively, and I taught the whole school how to say the repeated line ("His love endures forever") in Spanish, which we did every time it came up! It's "Su gran amor perdura para siempre" if you were wondering.

Then today was LHSS. I was way more nervous about this one than St. Paul's for whatever reason, but I guess based on what everyone said it didn't show. A senior girl even came up to me afterwards and said my message made her day, then asked about summer volunteering! Oh and the former baseball coach gave me some more baseball equipment for San Lorenzo, including CATCHER'S GEAR!!! I just don't know how long I talked for since I never heard the bell ring! After a brief explanation of how I got where I am, I went into a different PowerPoint called "My LHSS Education at Work in the Mission Field." I tried to make it a little bit funny by assigning comical pictures to several of the courses I took while at LHSS, but then each one had a point attached to it.

Art II; Point--As a missionary, I have learned how to do lots of things (i.e. roofing) that I never thought I would know how to do.

Foods & Nutrition; Point: Thanksgiving on the border is a unique tradition that I loved being a part of last year and am really looking forward to in a couple weeks.

Intro to Bio; Point: I enjoy working with groups on all types of projects, not just construction sites.

Astronomy; Point: Living 1 mi. from Mexico gives me the chance to experience Hispanic traditions (i.e. posadas) firsthand.

Algebra II/Trig; Point: God's hand is in EVERYTHING that happens at YLM. This picture of me measuring 24 in. centers was taken as a joke because I got confused and screwed up an entire roof one time, but the family living there is considered one of YLM's greatest "success stories."

After a visit with my godmother and some lunch, my mom and I went back to St. Paul's and boxed up all the donations for the mission, now that we truly had it ALL; the baseball equipment was the last of it. I am bringing 2 suitcases back with me, and the rest (51 BOXES!!!) is being shipped for free by a generous St. Paul's member. It should be there in time for the Christmas distribution!

OK I should probably make sure I have everything together for heading to the LCMS Servant Event Leadership Conference in Belleville, IL (the actual reason for my trip here), since we need to leave in 15 minutes, but more from St. Louis to come! Until next time, blessings!


adelantegirl said…
sounds very cool! I'm guessing your HS chapel presentation was hilarious! Nice idea with the pics and the classes! Funny! ;-)
tchrchill said…
This was a joy to read. What awesome and real messages for the high schoolers. Maybe there's a teacher in you somewhere????? :-)