Finishing Touches

Not that anyone ever likes to leave anything unfinished, but two of the guys from the Mayer Lutheran group were hardworking types who were seriously not content to leave with only of the houses at a move-in ready stage. They had both been thinking it, so as soon as one said something about staying 2 extra days to finish things up, the other was immediately in. Shawn and his family had even driven down separately from the charter bus, so his family went back on the bus and Allan, who had come with the group on the bus, drove back with Shawn. I had the pleasure of driving them to Anapra on Monday and Tuesday and pitching in to help however I could. It was a very different dynamic with just the 3 of us versus with 30 some odd others to keep track of: tranquil, although we worked, worked, worked--a full day on Monday and 1/2 day on Tuesday since I had a meeting beginning at 4 pm. All 3 of the casas are ready for their new occupants now!

A spilled bucket of various kinds of nails...not a good start!

Mario (right), one of the grown sons from casa dos and a newborn Christian, was a great worker. He even came down to casa tres to help on the roof since he had done casa dos's.

My helpers holding the board so it didn't move while I cut it.

And passing screws to Allan.

Gloria, me, Antonio, Allan.

Allan, proud of his handiwork at casa tres--especially now that it's all trimmed, wired, and mudded!

Until next time, blessings!